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For the new SS'20 advertising campaign, Boggi Milano meets sport. The union between the dynamism of Olympic sports and the aggregation of "bar" sports.

Performance and innovation have always been the values that moved from the Olympic podium to contemporary society: we are increasingly encouraged to beat personal records, committed to keeping up with the daily challenges of work and family commitments. What we wear must know how to compete with us.

A reference to the bar games of the past, seen and practiced by modern metropolitan businessmen, who evolve, live and preside over the places of urban areas, elevating them to new icons of everyday life.

The “games”, which have been able in all eras to amaze, anticipate the times, entering right into our imagination (and in our wardrobe) and often turning rooted certainties upside down. The Olympics as a synonym of trendy, technological just like the items in the SS’20 Boggi Milano collection.


Client: Boggi Milano
Agency: Attila&co
Creative Director: Valentino Bedini - Lab81
Photography: Stefano Galuzzi
Film Director: Martina Pastori
Cinematographer: Sirio Vanelli
Sound: Matteo Schiaroli
Production: DreamTeam Production

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design