Video Animation


A No Buckle that accompanies man through Time by breaking, rather ripping, the normality of an "illustrative" video to sketch through the movie the life of No Buckle Man in the success of seasons and ages.

Concept, Direction, Design, Modeling, CG Animation, Post-production
This is the concept from which the LAB81 has begun to create the new Orciani No Buckle belt video, the no-buckle belt that aims to become the brand icon product for its usability and adaptability.

Music seen as an artistic inspiration for a perfect and lasting product, just like the Orciani NoBuckle belt. A product that fits all lifestyles, all past and future trends and trends. The belt that accompanies man in time through the history of music, told through this 3D animated video. This is the concept from which the LAB81 has started to create the new video for the Orciani NoBuckle belt, the belt buckle, brand icon for its usability and adaptability