3d Animated short film

Digital Design Award & Offf Italia

DDDOT is born from the smallest element that constitutes every digital image: the pixel. His name mixes the "Digital Design Days" (DDD) and the word "Dot" (point). The set of these pixels / pixels goes to form a square mascot that is not finished yet fun and clumsy, with a clear inspiration to the first 8-bit video games, where the protagonists were just a handful of a few pixels .

Concept, Direction, CG animation, Post-production
DDDOT is a “digital alien” capable of transforming into 4 variants / personalities, each with its own ability. He lives in his virtual world, inside a computer. Every time the PC turns on, our protagonist, along with his world, is made up of a vortex of purple and turquoise cubes. But one night he decides to overtake the glass screen that separates him from the outside world. Once in our dimension, he discovers a mascot very similar to him and uses all his abilities to succeed in conquering and bringing it into his world. DDDOT faces a fun, exciting and unexpected adventure that puts it to the test, pushing it to overcome its limits and use all its capabilities to reach its goal … Just like a designer who, every day, comes into play in his work to get satisfaction and results, including hard work, fun, and sacrifice. The adventure of DDDOT is the adventure that every creator finds face to face day after day.