A journey inside me

Interactive Storytelling

Marco Simonetti

The eyes set a goal, but they look beyond. Identify the inspiration, establish a contact. They filter reality by laying the foundations of an idea. It triggers the creative process, and is the mind to lead the game.

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Development, Modeling, CG Animation, Post-production
It is the beginning of an interior journey, programmed but emotional, glossy but instinctive. Eager and innovative, but moved by the passion, the value of its origins, the charm of a story that knows how to excite and leave a mark. Tell and tell, with no reserve, with your heart. It is a path traced by the care of details, from the search for detail, from the professionalism of wise hands that direct and guide, shape and build. To give life to an idea, without compromise, with the strength of the experience and the awareness of its potential. And the end product, the shoe, is nothing more than the natural fulfillment of a process that starts from an inspiration and through the mind, heart, and hand is transformed into a practical solution, delivering values ​​and realizing emotions. An arrival point that turns into a starting point. Every time a new trip, a new story to invent.

A journey inside me. An inner journey into the mind and body of the designer, to convey my self, passion and professionalism. A kind of interactive curriculum, a digital storytelling.

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