Lab81®. MULTIDISCIPLINARY Creative Studio.

A new expression of contemporary art, so much so that someone compares them to modern sculptures, true pieces of art that come from the intuitive minds of street art and urban art, halfway between modern culture and limited edition collectables.

This is the definition that most characterizes URBAN TOYS, extravagant vinyl dolls for adults, which look like toys but which are in all respects collector’s items. The URBAN TOYS are born, in fact, like plastic dolls without any use, but with the aim of freeing the imagination of the best digital designers from all over the planet. The “designer toy movement” is, therefore, one of the last world-wide custom phenomena, which has its origins in Hong Kong and which quickly invaded America and Europe, involving artists, art directors and graphic designers . The common goal is to create spontaneous forms of art, a synthesis of the union that is created between play and creativity, in some cases involving the designer from the beginning and in others to interpret only an existing product.

There are multiple versions of urban toys and auctions, art galleries, websites and design and fashion studios are used to win the various models. This is the case of LAB81, a young advertising agency specializing in the development of business communication which, with proven sensitivity towards all that is avant-garde, falls in love with the phenomenon so much so that it will soon be the protagonist. LAB81 creates, in fact, the first toys made in Italy with the aim of enhancing Italian products in the world of “design toy movement”, choosing the FUORI SALONE 2008 for their launch.

The two characters, “Minus” and “Plus”, sons of designers Valentino Bedini and Diego Pacenti, are produced entirely in Italy, from industries specialized in the production of PVC plastic materials, in various colors. Their structure, their weight, the material they are made of, make them very special toys: to the touch they are pleasant, far from the idea of hard plastic, expressing solidity and consistency. The design is first-rate, the typical playfulness of the toy mixes with a substantial dose of Italian taste. The soft lines are balanced by decisive details for an excellent balance that contains a meaning that goes beyond good and evil.

“Minus” is not the bad: its characteristics include a decisive dose of determination fueled by an unnatural desire to compete. He always plays and only to win. “Plus” is sweet and very tender, its strength is contained in its availability: he plays for passion. The two toys can be customized by street art artists, fashion designers and anyone who wants to express their creativity in this new form of visual communication.

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