Institutional Website

La Triennale di Milano

For the creation of the graphic design for the Triennale site, LAB81 was inspired by the pixel concept; The main element of the image.

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Each pixel is an image part, each form is a part of the site. The repetition of the form creates the total view of what it represents and wants to communicate with the Triennale of Milan. The homepage and internal pages are dynamic and evolving, each image and text being linked by coordinated and intuitive movements to the eye of the visitor. The colors and graphics of the website are in line with the institutional image. The main information is in the home well balanced and top-down, so that the visitor is not disoriented, and immediately finds in front of him the most important information of the day and the various appointments scheduled. The project was realized in collaboration with the company Zeus Telematica, which cared for the development of the technology platform. Posted in Webby Honorees 2012 in Art.

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