Peacefully together

Video Campaign

Il Bisonte

The Bison widens its horizons and, surprisingly, arrives, where we do not expect to see it. In a city: Florence, characterized by easily recognizable visual elements, full of history, art and culture, undoubtedly aspirational.

Concept, Direction, Design, Modeling, CG Animation, Post-production
The focus is central to the product, worn and still life, which we see appear in different places following the actions of the protagonists. In the same scenes we see the bison appear, move and interact with the inhabitants, undisturbed in its surreal and fantastic presence, between bridges, roads and buildings. We see him walking quietly along the Florentine streets led by a leash, relaxing on the Lungarno and conquering the city like a modern King Kong. The idea is that the Bison follows the products in its movements in time and space and does so in an unexpected and creative way. The “urban” history begins in Florence but may have new developments in other cities.