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Melting pot between different cultures, workwear, combat boots and grunge soul, 1991 was born the first shoe of what would be a new brand: O.X.S. It was the FRANK boot from the inimitable chassis, then it became a classic. Since then, so many other names and so many other shoes have become part of the OXS family, all of them different and unique but at the same time always faithful to the same belief: Made in Italy, know how industrial , Combined with manual craftsmanship, craftsmanship of detail and, above all, international breathing. Today's shoes but timeless and without spatial boundaries, which have always aspired to a global reality relying on the heritage of a solid and authentic Italian and Marche company.

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Development
The entire graphic design was designed to be responsive and innovative both from a User Experience point of view and the technology used. This allows functional site navigation and structured so that it can be enjoyed by all mobile devices.

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