+Love –Hate


Personal Project

Minus and Plus, the first Art Toys Made in Italy created by LAB81, become tapestry and transform into a new artistic expression thanks to customization (a term that indicates the artwork of the object) by some of the best contemporary Italian artists And foreigners. In a contorted and arriving society, in a historical context torn by the supremacy of economic power to the detriment of values and principles, LAB81 asks for a moment of reflection.

Concept, Art Direction
+ LOVE -HATE, in these words there is the strength and the desire for a change, which starts from the street, by the artists. Art becomes a tool for touching souls and awakening consciences. Inspired by the theme + LOVE – HATE contemporary artists such as: Aaron Jasinski, Elena Rapa, Chris Ryniak, Jeremy Forson, Michael Page, Iabo, Iucu, Dust, Massimiliano Pelletti, Dado & Stefy, El Gato Chimney, Sea Creative, AtelierB, Sirpen, Fidia, Luigi Teodosi, have “customized” a pair of Minus & Plus toys. LAB81, with a showcase showcase installation, then showed works produced to the general public, Gerad Loft in Florence and Block60 of Riccione.