Il valore delle piccole cose



There are emotions that can not be hidden, Revealed by small gestures and involuntary expressions ...

Concept, Direction, Post-production
The videos tell, excite and involve the interlocutors.

The new video of the Rosato campaign celebrates in a few moments a message, a concept, emotions, through small involuntary gestures resulting from nonverbal communication.

Rosato celebrates the values of brand identity by creating a strong emotional component with the public, placing it through the help of a psychologist, stories, real facts and questions that touch the intimacy of the protagonists to stimulate in them those hidden and unconditional emotions that Flee to our eye and to our communicative will.

Nonverbal communication, to tell the Rosato brand through a virulent video of great visual impact that touches the deep feelings of children, adults and the elderly, all common people, current and unaware of the ultimate purpose of the video product.

A social experiment with great visual impact.