Fuori Salone 2008


Personal Project

On the occasion of the "Fuori Salone 2008", an international design event that takes place every year in the Tortona area of Milan during the "International Furniture Show", Lab81 presented "Minus & Plus" Crystal Edition.

Concept, Art Direction
The Marche designers Valentino Bedini and Diego Pacenti have created an astonishing, retro-illuminated, high-impact structure inside the prestigious “Art.Box” space, a showcase of “Superstudio +” in via Tortona. The Lab81 project has been screened and approved by renowned internationally renowned designer Giulio Cappellini, owner of the same furniture and lighting manufacturer, and by Gisella Borioli, the soul and creator of the “Fuori Salone”. -Minus & Plus are the first “made in Italy” toys and belong to the world-known “toy movement” phenomenon. Lab81 has chosen to maintain the production of its toys in Italy to ensure superior product quality and a well-defined identity. To design the first “made in Italy” toys meant making aesthetic choices that would bring the playful look to the refined design vision typical of Italian designers. In this direction, the choices of transparency and material, PVC, are different from the usual vinyl used for most toys. -Minus & + Plus are two complementary characters but with totally different characteristics; Are about 9 cm high and have a weight of 200 gr. To the touch, they transmit feelings of soft consistency and quality and are cared for in every detail.