ADV Campaign & Content Creation


Every Day Life: Everyday Life. An intense journey designed by LAB81 for the OXS advertising campaign. A documented trip, in the most important cities in the world, through photos and videos, which speaks of the daily lives of ordinary people, who work and enjoy themselves. Protagonists that have brand affinities that become the trademark of the brand in real life, the natural habitat of OXS footwear.

Concept, Art Direction, Production
A project, because what we are doing leads us to discover a world so globalized, as unknown and, at times, without reflection. The stages are the cities of the world, obviously the most similar to the brand. A journey, therefore, quite intense, documented through photos and videos on the internet, that speaks of everyday life, of those who work, of those who have fun at night, of those who play a broken guitar in the street … of reality. A diary board that, starting from the streets of London, makes a stop in the coolest capitals to become, from time to time, an emotional video. The reality that is lacking in our eyes and often in the eyes of those who are safe, speaks of fashion. We want to personalize OXS, making it a protagonist not only for the “objects” it creates, but also for the passion behind it, and which accompanies us in our work giving way to our quality idea, based on a research that Brings into play everything we can do, in aesthetic, creative, productive and distributive fashion. These same values ​​are inspired by the new concept of brand communication, namely the search for pieces of humanity around the world … Humankind according to OXS, that is, all those who naturally exhibit elective affinities with the brand and who travel on the same frequencies, showing that they appreciate the products at first sight, choosing to become somehow testimonial of the brand in the All spontaneous and natural, representing the brand in its ideal habitat: real life. Advertising that becomes a “work in progress” …