Wanny, a dream come true

Brand Manifesto Cartoon

Il Bisonte

Failures never must undermine enthusiasm and perseverance. The story is a sort of stimulus to tenacity. Success will come if we are able to overcome the defeats. But we can’t be happy by ourselves, friends are so important to keep your hopes alive. You can create something perfect only when you know it well or, even better, when you really love it.

Concept, Direction, CG animation, Post-production
This video is the story of Wanny who’s in love with bisons since he was a little child. The majestic protagonist of his favorite comic book. Wanny spend his whole days drawing him in every way and collecting and gathering illustrations and sculptures from all over the world, increasing his huge collection in his studio. But Wanny has a worry, actually a true passion that’s leading him: to draw the perfect bison, but every tries leaves him with disappointment. Is he gonna make it? We’ll found out only at the end of an engaging journey. A story with no words, that will make us go along with our funny character who’s kind but determined to reach his goal. Surprise ending: Wanny will get much more than what he dreamt of. He will succeed and will find a special friend.