3d Animated short film

Personal Project

Aliah stuns, with the perfection of its graphics but above all through its poetic intensity, concentrated in a short film lasting just a few minutes.

Concept, Direction, CG animation, Post-production
A dream that becomes reality, a swift alternation of life and death which turns into a harmonious game, in the silvery light of the moon, which breaks the chain of good and evil, suggesting that we need to take a calm, thoughtful look at the world if we want really to get to the heart of things. Aliah, the first 3D short film produced by the LAB81 team, winner of the Sole 24 Ore newspaper’s WWW 2012 Prize and countless other Italian and international awards, was produced as a self-promotion tool, with the aim of consolidating the status of the online video as an additional powerful advertising tool, through new forms of creativity.

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